My New Year Superstitions

By December 30, 2020No Comments

What are some superstitions you follow on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? I have a bunch! I try to get them all done between the 31st and the first…. here are some:

1) For love wear Red on New Year’s Eve

2) For wealth and abundance wear Gold or yellow

3) For money to flow in freely start the year with a red wallet

4) Burn Sage and Frankincense on both days to clear the way for new great energy

5) No cleaning or laundry or dishes on the first it could signal washing away good luck

6) Keep fridge, wallet and gas tank full

7) Wash car on the 31st

8 ) Wear red or yellow undies depending if you’re after love or wealth for the new year

9) Do not eat chicken or lobster

10) I love to wear white for a pure start to the year on the first and white robe with red or yellow undies after party night.

11) Start the day with a great cup of lentil soup

12) Don’t forget to kiss someone at midnight

13) Do not allow a woman to be the first to cross your homes threshold at door, instead it should be a tall dark and handsome man bearing gift.

14) Sleep with a horseshoe under your pillow (I have a diamond necklace with a horseshoe I like to use instead that works too 😂)

15) make loud noise at midnight and don’t forget the 12 grapes, make a wish on each one you eat (one for every month of the year)

16) Do not Loan any money on the first.

17) Place a gold item in your champagne cup for abundance it could be a ring or anything yellow gold. Meant to bring luck.

18) For your dream vacation walk into a room with a suitcase and walk around in circles 7 times at midnight

And my favorite …. be grateful and thank God outloud for an amazing 2020 while welcoming an even greater 2021!